We Have A Lodger!

The weather here continues unseasonably warm, to such a degree that the local English-language newspaper this week offered its readers a useful phrase with which to greet one's Spanish neighbours: Parece si todavía está verano (It feels as if it's still summer). But the end of the year is in sight. Last weekend the clocks went back, and so sunset is now just after 6 o'clock. Because it is still warm, we sit out on our balcony enjoying the symphony of colours from full sun to nightime.
That was how we came to discover that we have a house guest. A couple of nights ago, we heard a flutter and a bird took up a perch on the rail of our toldo. It took not the slightest notice of us, but just settled down to roost for the night. And it comes back each night and occupies almost precisely the same spot each time. When the sun comes up, it's off again for the day.
Last night I got my camera out and managed to get this shot. The flash didn't appear to disturb it in any way. Combing through my Larousse Field Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe, I'm pretty certain it's a black redstart with its winter plumage, but to any ornithologists looking at this, I'd be grateful for your more knowledgable opinion.

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