Lazy Days

It's days like today that really bring home to me what it was that made me so determined to come and live here. Tonight, the clocks go back, so it will be dark early tomorrow. But that won't matter because it will still be warm in the evening, so people will still be out and about. And during the daytime? Well, what more could I ask - an afternoon spent lying in the sun up on my roof terrace, followed by a dip in the jacuzzi.
The very first time I came to Frigiliana in 1983, it was this time of year and I swam in the sea on my birthday. 26 years later, the years have taken their toll on my resilience, so that won't happen this year. We'll sit outside a restaurant instead and enjoy an al fresco dinner.

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  1. Wishing you a Happy Birthday, you are living the life my husband and I dream of, we Love Frigiliana and visit 2 or 3 times a year and we will be spending Christmas just up the road in Torrox.How wonderful to be able to still have dinner outside at this time of year!