Indian Summer

The holidaymakers departed a month ago now, but summer is still with us. We had a short, gentle wet spell just over a week ago, but today and for the rest of this week, Frigiliana temperatures are forecast to hit highs of 33 or 34, with lots of sun. Great weather for lounging on a half-empty beach and gazing at the sea. Not so good for sea swimming, however. From the highest water temperatures for 25 years in August, the water has now fallen back to a shivering 22 degrees!

Of course, there are still visitors around - empty nesters flying out to take advantage of lower prices; 'swallows' returning to their winter villas and apartments after a summer spent in northern Europe, and some longhaul exotic species blown in from the Americas or Japan.

And then there are all the feathered birds to watch! I'm promising myself a trip down to the southern tip of Spain one autumn or spring to witness the migrations between Europe and Africa. From what I've been told, they are spectacular, especially the sight of the big birds like eagles, vultures and storks endlessly circling on the thermals inland until they gain sufficient height to glide across the Straits of Gibraltar. Ah well, perhaps next year!

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