A Little Trip Out

Several years ago, the old municipal market in the centre of Nerja closed down. It stood empty for many years, then eventually it was restored to its former architectural glory and reopened - as an art gallery! Since then we have lacked that essential of Spanish living, the daily fresh food market. And so I have been having to make do with the fish counter at the hypermarket 20km down the road where we do the bulk of our shopping. More and more, though, the choice has been reduced to a few farmed species of 'wet' fish, avariety of different types of prawn, and an array of molluscs.
Recently I was talking to the chef in one of our local restaurants and praising his fish. "I buy it all from the market in Almuñecar," he told me. So today we took a drive down the motorway and went browsing around the meat, fish, greengrocery and bread stalls. I shall be back, and soon, with my cool box! Wonderful locally caught fish, vegetables brought in from la huerta (the local horticultural area), splendid carcasses of beef, lamb, rabbit, pork, as well as fat, free range chickens. A different kind of art gallery, but a feast for my eyes just the same.

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