"You couldn't make it up", as the spokesperson said.

This has absolutely nothing to do with living in Spain, but I couldn't resist sharing it with you. Enjoy!


San Isidro

Last weekend we had the Día de la Cruz and next weekend will be the Romería (or pilgrimage) de San Isidro. San Isidro is actually the patron saint of Nerja, and I would probably have given it a miss, having been down to watch it go by last year, but I have started Spanish classes again and my language school will have a carreta or ox cart behind which, as a student, I am entitled to walk, bottle or glass in hand all the way from the centre of Nerja to the picnic area beside the Caves some three miles away. Once at the picnic ground, the real celebration begins with huge amounts of alcohol consumed, music, dancing, singing into the early hours of the day after. Given that the romería leaves the centre of Nerja in the late morning, this means its a marathon event, so I'm not sure yet whether I'll be there.......but it's tempting!


El Día de la Cruz - Frigiliana

Yesterday was the Day of the Cross. All around the village groups of neighbours or shopkeepers got together to construct floral crosses which are then displayed in the streets. Everyone wanders around the village, admiring the various efforts - and talking the opportunity to snack on free tapas - morcilla, chorizo, nuts, olives and the like, as well as a small glass of the local village wine (at each cross). These goodies are provided gratis by the makers of the crosses. The village band goes from one cross to the next and plays enthusiastically, to be followed by a group of local folk musicians, and another group of local dancers. It all starts around 6.30 and goes on as long as you want, really.