We Are In At Last!

10th November was a great day! We finally moved into the new home we bought at the end of July. In the end quite a lot of work was needed, and things were not helped when, twelve hours after the old tiles on the roof terrace had been ripped up on October 31st, along with the bitumen layer, the heavens opened at three in the morning and the five year drought was over.
Saturday morning, my birthday, was spent mopping furiously to clear all the water which had come through the roof. The builder turned out with several acres of plastic sheeting, which kept out most of Saturday night's rain, but still left us with a fair bit of mopping up again on Sunday. Then the sun came out and dried the outer surface of the roof, so that the new bitumen could be laid.
Then to my horror, out came the hose and the roof terrace was ceremoniously filled up with several centimetres depth of water to make sure that the roofers had got a proper seal! The plan was - if nothing came through in a week's time, the bed and tiles could be laid. Nothing did come through but it gave a whole new meaning to the term 'water torture'.
Eventually a couple of thousand litres of water cascaded off our roof terrace, down the steps, into the main street, and work recommenced. It's still going on; we have two thirds of the terrace tiled now, and the aircon units have been delivered but not yet installed, after which the pinter can come and work his magic.
But we are in.We are comfortable. And we smugly beleive that we have just about the best views in the village from our roof terrace. Now the dream gets going in earnest!

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