At Last!

Finally I have my new broadband connection set up. This means that I can post on a more regular basis now that I don't have to rely on the internet office in the village. Everything is finally coming together. Today we ahd the electrician round fixing some wiring problems and installing some new light fittings. Saturday the fitter comes to instal the air conditioning units in the bedrooms, and then next week - the painter arrives! A significant moment because the painter only works his magic when everyone else has finished. So by the end of next week our new home will finally be as we want it - except for the shower creen which has still to be fitted. It's patterned glass and should have been delivered just over a week ago. Unfortunately, they dropped it getting it out of the van. So now we're waiting for a new one to be made. There's always something.

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  1. Frigiliana gets a mention in today's Observer supplement on Spain. Unfortunately, I cannot post a link as it does not appear to be available on the Guardian website. It is a sponsored piece about driving over four routes in Spain, staying in Paradors on the way. Twice a year I drive through France and Spain to spend a month each time (roughly May and Sep-Oct) in Mojacar. As a now retired member of the North Staffordshire Bench I have followed your old blog and this one with growing interest. Having been on the Supplemental List for two years I sympathise with your feelings of now being out of date because of the radical changes that have taken place but I cannot shake off the deep-rooted interest in the magistracy after many years on the Bench and involvement in the Mag. Assoc. so I do look at the website from time to time and keep a watchful eye on the Forum there as a moderator. We have friends who moved a year ago to live in Chirivel. They have integrated well into the village life. I hope you settle in Frigiliana as well as they have at Chirivel in which case it should be a very pleasant dream.