Costa del Sol - Yes, but

Before we moved over here I was often asked, "Yes, but won't you get tired of all that sun?" The short answer is "No". Partly because I will take all the sun that's going and partly because, even though we're only 6km from the shores of the Mediterranean, it isn't always warm and sunny. This was the view from our roof terrace this morning.
We do have winter, and this year it has arrived early. We have had gale force winds, howl;ing down from northern Europe for the past few days. They have been accompanied by rain down at our level (35mm on Friday night and another 25mm last night. All four of our aircon units are swiched on to blow hot from sundown until bedtime. Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining, just setting the record straight. And there are still lots of pluses, not least the fact that at the beginning of December it stays light until around 6.30 in the evening. That's a good two and a half hours later than we experienced this time of year back in Lancashire.

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