The Dream Was Never This Hectic!

At the end of July we went to the notario and completed the purchase of our new home. Nothing happens in August, but come the beginning of September everything started up for the "reformas" we wanted and has been going steadily ever since. Of course, as soon as you start to rip things out you find other things that need attention - and then others..... Our builder speaks no English, but I wasn´t put off by that as I reckoned my Spanish was pretty good. That was general, conversational Spanish though, and this job has involved a great deal of "construction" Spanish. Talk of reinforced beams, sewage pipes, syphons, to mention but a few, usually as the result of a call on my mobile just when I´m doing something else, like standing at the checkout in Ikea with four trolleys full of flat pack furniture. I´m sure it´s all good for my learning curve, but right now I´m well out of my comfort zone. The consolation is that everything seems to be coming right at the right time. Our builder is confident that he will have the house ready for us to move into this weekend. We´re packing but, yo tengo mis dudas!
All this is by way of an excuse for taking so long to sit down and update this blog. Thank you Ana for your kind comment which hit my guilty nerve and spurred me into action.

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  1. G'day you two - like the updates and look forward to making a visit (if we're invited). I think our choice to build new in an English language country has its advantages but - press on forever forward!! Someone must have said that once upon a time, it rings a distant bell. Our summer is just starting and we are regularly over 30C. As someone said the other day "No one needs to live south of the tropic of Capricorn" - where it gets wet and cold.!!

    Ann & Richard in the Sunshine Capital of Tropical North Queensland. (Guy Fawkes day 08)