San Sebastian

Yesterday was the Fiesta de San Sebastian, original patron saint of the village. The day provided a clear illustration of why he was later superseded by San Antonio de Padua. The day dawned sunnily enough, but with a vicious wind coming down from the mountains to the north, and with a sharp drop in temperature from around 16 or 17 to a high yesterday of 10 degree. Before long the cloud swept in too. Even so around 2.30 - only an hour later than scheduled: we have learned that all times in Spain are strictly approximate - the compere took to the stage which had been set up in the plaza, and the dancing began. Teams of girls and women from Frigiliana and surrounding villages took part dancing 'verdiales', a style of fandango peculiar to Malaga province. Sadly this was interrupted by rain and everyone, dancers included, had to run for cover.
Fortunately the statue of San Sebastian is one of the smaller ones and so the procession through the village went ahead as planned. We then discovered another advantage of our large roof terrace. From it we were treated to a grandstand view of the fireworks that closed the day.

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