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The British are renowned for their obsession with the weather, what it is doing, what it's going to do and what it should be doing. Well I've got news for you. The Spanish are equally obsessed. All through July and August people greeted each other with "Uff, qué calor!" (How hot it is!). this gave way in September to "Less hot today!!", then when the October rains came the greeting became "Agua!", which basically translates as "Thank God. At last we're getting some water". And right now the phrase on everyone's lips is "Qué frío!" as the January cold weather kicks in; it actually arrived in early December to be punctuated by a few days of milder weather every ten days or so. Whether it's because winter arrived early or not, I don't know, but the consensus is that we have never had it this cold. Which is rather strange because we spent six months here from October 2004 to April 2005 'test driving' the idea of moving here permanently. And THAT winter the press variously reported it as being the coldest for fifty years or even eighty years; take your pick. All I know is that iot's not the kind of temperature that was in my mind when the dream of living in Spain was first born. Even so, it's a nicer place to endure cold weather than the grey, wet, windy North West of England where we used to live!!
And as I write this at ten to six in the evening the sun is still shining just above the ridge to the west of us.

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