Hats Off To The Man Who Invented The Walking Pole!

We awoke this morning to clear blue skies and sunshine. It was warm enough to sit out on our side terrace for breakfast, and we had nothing demanding our attention all day. So with breakfast out of the way we set off out of the house and down the steps to the main street. Two hundred metres along the main street a quick right turn beside the Guardia Civil put us onto the steep track down into the gorge that runs behind the village. We have often been this way before, but previously we have always turned upstream when we got to the river and worked our way on up into the mountains. Today we turned downstream and followed the river bed down to the town of Nerja 6km away. At this time of the year there is always water in the river - that might sound obvious, but through most of spring, all of summer and part of the autumn, the river will be dry this far from its source - but not too much, though a considerable amount of stream hopping was involved, and at one stage the town hall have thoughtfully provided a precipitous, vertigo-inducing flight of steps to negotiate the waterfalls in the narrow gorge encountered just before the river emerges into a broad, flat valley which took us the rest of the way. That was the point where I was particularly grateful to my pair of shock-absorbing walking poles.

Just over two hours of walking at a sensible pace and we arrived in Nerja where we just had time for a leisurely coffee in the sun outside a local bar before climbing onto the half past one bus for a ten minute drive back up to Frigiliana.

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