So Where Next?

As I mentioned here at the time they happened, over the last two or three years I have had a couple of health scares from which thankfully I have completely recovered, except that I don't have the muscular strength or stamina that I used to have, and my balance is also a bit wobbly. My wife and I discussed it all and sadly concluded that it would be sensible to sell up and return to the UK. A year ago we put our home on the market with a local agent and although we have had a number of viewings we haven't yet found a buyer. What the effect of Brexit will be, it's too early to say, but in the meantime I have done a lot of research online and for a variety of reasons we have decided that our destination of choice would be the Isle of Wight.
So here we are while on holiday in England spending a few days in the IOW. We've only been here a couple of days but this recce has already been extremely valuable. We've found two towns that we really like - Ryde, where we are staying, and East Cowes. We've also eliminated two towns that looked promising on paper - Shanklin and Sandown. The negatives are the same for each; they are too hilly for my present and future needs, plus both are holiday resorts with little else to offer. Tomorrow we head off to two more, St Helen's and Bembridge, and then we might drop in on an estate agent or two to discuss what we would be talking about in terms of our likely price range.
One thing that we are very encouraged by is the comprehensive bus network between all the main towns - we bought ourselves seven day passes that allow us just to hop on and off buses as we please. Of course when we are back in the UK we will be eligible for senior bus passes that will allow us to travel for free. This is important because we want to avoid the expense of buying and running a car.
I've not been able to access wi-fi in the B & B as it's fine in some rooms but not in others, including ours, but I'll post this as soon as I have wi-fi. Including the view from our window.


  1. Hi Ian,
    I'm really sorry to hear that you will be leaving Frigliana soon. But I really do understand your reasons for returning to Blighty. We have followed this blog for some time, mostly to give us a better insight into the goings on of our beautiful village. We have been going to Frigilana for ten years now fo maybe two or three times a year. The people who say we are nuts to keep going to the same place have obviously never been! We have, from last May, secured an 11 month long term let near Zacatin on the Calle Real....and we love it! Been three times already and as my retirement is imminent, I hope to stay as long as I legally can. We hired with a view to be in a position to buy a property if we some thing tasty. But what with Brexit, and the amount of expats who advise us, "Don't buy... Rent", I really have taken their concerns into consideration and will now rent for the foreseeable future. I too am slightly concerned about the consequences of getting older here, health wise anyway. Although I do enjoy good health, the hills seem to get steeper every time I come back to holiday!
    I have very much enjoyed your blog and we would love to meet you before you return to UK. My wife is there now but we will both return in September. Linda, the cleaning manager knows you, and said she would introduce us to you when have sorted everything out apartment wise. So, I do hope you are still there in September and maybe we can meet over a cup of tea, or similar, someday soon.

  2. There really is something addictive about Frigiliana, isn't there Paul. I'm delighted to hear that you enjoy the blog. We will be back in time for the Three Cultures, so it would be good to meet you over a glass of something when you come out again in September.