Mixed Feelings

Christmas Day once again. My wife and I went to Midnight Mass and the children enacted the Nativity as usual. It was good to see that some of the shepherds were girls, and Mary arrived with an immensely impressive cushion tucked under her top to add authenticity. Having said that, she had what must have been the shortest labour on record; she had hardly taken her seat in the stable before the cushion disappeared and baby Jesus began bawling lustily.
Then home to bed, and I've everything apparently under control (I don't like to tempt fate!), for lunch with friends who are coming round, good food, good wine, good company.
However, that is only one side of the story. Yesterday afternoon we received the news that Antonio López, a neighbour, had died. He was a lovely man, what the Spanish would call un buen hombre, he was in his eighties and we knew that he had not been at all well.
In accordance with the Spanish custom, Antonio's funeral and burial will be held this afternoon at four thirty.
Let light perpetual shine on him. May he rest in peace, to rise in glory.

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  1. Fortunately our friends were just as keen as we were to follow Antonio to his niche in the cemetery, so the running order was adjusted to:
    Nibbles and Cava
    First Course
    Main Course
    Just how it should be under the circumstances.