Ah, Well

The Ferrero Rocher result was announced last night and Frigiliana came second, but with over fourteen thousand votes. The town of Morella in Castellón is the chosen setting for FR's 25th Anniversary campaign. Even so we have already benefited enormously just from being shortlisted. The contest was backed extensively by Canal 5, one of Spain's national TV channels, and we were very effective in the way we spread the appeal for votes across social media and among friends, and via our friends to their friends. With the help of regional tourism groups the word spread throughout Andalucía and we became the Andalucían candidate.
All in all an enormous amount of awareness raising publicity on a scale that we could not have been able to buy, but which all came free of charge. Is it working yet? Well, all I can say is that the recent puente or public holiday saw a threefold increase in the number of visitors to the village compared to the same holiday in 2014.
And now to the serious business of Christmas, New Year and Three Kings celebrations. That started last night in the civic hall when a choir, two pastoral or traditional music groups, and a recorder septet from among the school pupils, played and sang villancicos, the Spanish equivalent of Christmas carols, and a flamenco group interpreted more villancicos in dance. The hall was packed.
Alongside all of this there is concern for others. Clothing is being collected and distributed to those in financial need, a 'stitch and bitch' group meets regularly knitting blankets, scarves and baby clothing for sending to Syrian refugees, whilst closer to home the Kilo campaign runs through December to provide food for all village residents facing hardship, and over and above that, the children are being asked to donate a toy or game they no longer use, but which is still in good condition, so that the Three Kings can ensure that every child in Frigiliana receives a present on January 6th.
Can you wonder that I love being a part of this community so much.
In case I don't post again before the day, Happy Christmas to you all.


  1. Thank You for updates, I like Your blog , it brings Frigiliana closer when I miss it in rainy Londons evening.... Hope to see You Sir in there, Happy christmas to You and Your family:)

  2. Another Year of Enjoyable reads on your Blog.
    Wishing You A Very Happy Christmas & Happy New Year.

  3. Thank you. Don't the years fly by!