The Season Begins

On my iPad I have an app called Flightradar24, which tracks aircraft movements around the world. I keep the map area focused around Frigiliana and Málaga, so that if I am in a particularly nerdy frame of mind I can see where planes flying over us have come from. Looking at the general flow of traffic earlier and again just now, there is a steady stream f flights coming down from the north, out over the sea and then turning for their final approach and landing from the south. Just as the swifts and martins began arriving a few weeks ago, so the start of Holy Week, and the beginning of Easter school holidays brings tourists and holiday makers in droves. Since the collapse of the construction industry in 2008 this is the major contributor to the economic wellbeing of the Costas. If it turns out to be a good year, hotels, holiday apartments, bars and restaurants will be booming from now until the end of September, not to mention shops, coach tours, car hire and leisure parks.
As if in recognition of the importance of making a good impression, and following a pretty dismal March, yesterday dawned bright, sunny and warm; no clouds, no wind, no rain - and that is how the ten-day forecast says it's going to remain.
I shall play my own part. This morning a pair of lightweight chinos and a short-sleeved shirt came out of the wardrobe. Soon, with a bit of luck, shorts will replace chinos, and shoes and socks will give way to sandals.

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