Good Things Are Worth Waiting For

I had an appointment at the local hospital this morning to get the results of an echocardiogram. That goes all the way back to July of last year when I had what I described as a 'funny do', but which our daughter who was staying with us at the time, said I should see my doctor about. And so began a long drawn out process of being checked at the village health centre, then referred to the Internal Medicine Dept of the district hospital. A series of tests followed and threw up evidence of a mini stroke. Anticoagulant drugs were prescribed to reduce the risk of further clotting, but then an ECG showed a marked irregularity in the heart rhythm. So that called for an ultrasound scan of my heart. What with going to England for Christmas, that didn't happen till the end of January. Then my godson's wedding - also in England - had to be accommodated, so it was only today that I got to hear the results. Even then there was a delay. My appointment was at 10.30 but the specialist had been delayed up on the ward, so I didn't get in to see her until 11.35. That's about par in my UK experience, but quite exceptional here; you can normally rely on being seen within ten to fifteen minutes of your appointment time.
Anyway, five minutes later I was back outside with the news that my heart is fine; I just have an irregular heartbeat which she is not worried about. No more tests, no treatment necessary, no more appointments. I think a glass of something might be called for this evening.


  1. Delighted to hear your good news. Have a glass for me too.

  2. Glad to hear your news and I will join you in a glass too!