A Short Trip To England

Last Wednesday we flew over to England on a short but enormously important visit. My godson, Dan, the younger son of my youngest brother married his fiancée, Laura in a civil ceremony at a beautiful barn near Winchester. We stayed with our elder daughter and her two girls on Wednesday and Thursday, and then on Friday drove to a hotel about five miles from the wedding venue. Other family members stayed there too, so eleven of us sat down together, including Dan, for a family dinner. I was asked to choose a red wine. The prices horrified me, to be honest, but there at the lower end of the price range was a Tempranillo, Garnacha blend from the Cariñena region of Spain, a type of wine that I have a lot of time for. It seems to have been a popular choice because by the end of the meal I had downed quite a lot more than was wise.
Our two daughters and our granddaughters travelled down on Saturday morning and the marriage of Dan and Laura at one o'clock was a wonderful start to a great day of celebration, marred only a little by the icy wind when all the guests gathered on the lawn at 11.30 to wave off the new Mr and Mrs Hurdley, all of us waving sparklers, which to be honest gave off virtually no heat at all. I would have preferred to wave a patio heater. Anyway, we're now back home where it's noticeably warmer

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