A Busy Day Tomorrow

On the 28th February 1980, a referendum was held in which the people of Andalucía confirmed their wish to form an autonomous community under the new constitution being prepared as a result of the death of Franco and the restitution of the monarchy under Juán Carlos I. That event is celebrated annually as El Día de Andalucía, a public holiday.
Democracy is a precious and at times delicate flower in Spain and so tomorrow at 11am, we will gather at the flagpole in Parque de Andalucía (Andalusia Park). There will be a speech from the mayor, the Andalucían flag will raised and the Hymn to Andalucía will be sung accompanied by the village band. The band will then lead everyone through the streets of the village to La Plaza de las Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Square) where there will be an artisan market with stalls by local crafts people and local food producers.
As if recognising the significance of all this, the weather has responded in kind. When we set off for England ten days ago we left behind temperatures of 11 to 13 degrees; we have returned to 17 to 19 degrees. Winter is not yet over, but it feels as though we have turned the corner.

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