When Pragmatism Is King

Right now I'm making final preparations for our trip. We won't be home until mid-February, so today required a trip to the pharmacy to stock up on my regular medication. A great benefit of the system here is that because my various conditions are stable, my GP writes up a prescription for the whole year, which is stored electronically on-line and my health card has a chip. I hand it to the pharmacist who pops it into a reader, from which cane be seen what I am able to request, and dispenses the items.Unfortunately, one item that I need cannot be provided before mid-January as the current pack was only dispensed about a week ago. No problem; this is where Spanish pragmatism kicks in. He sold me a pack. By the time that i return, I will be entitled to the prescription, so then I just take the pack into the pharmacy. they cut out the barcode panel and reimburse me the money that I paid today. When the person is given priority over the system, rather than vice versa, sensible outcomes are readily achieved.

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