Chacun A Son Gout

We arrived in Hong Kong yesterday after an overnight flight from the UK and transferred to a very smart hotel on Hong Kong Island, looking out from the 22nd floor across the harbour to Kowloon. We have heard a lot about HK, but this is our first visit. First impressions? This is not a cheap place to stopover on the way to New Zealand, our ultimate destination. After five years in Spain, I tend to think in terms of euros when comparing prices, and that is quite handy here as in broad terms €1 = HK$10. Thus, I can inform you that a coffee - just an ordinary coffee, you understand - while we were out this morning cost €8 each. Last night a couple of glasses of NZ Sauvignon Blanc n the hotel lobby set us back just over €10 each.
What else can I tell you? Well, if ridiculously tall buildings, all crammed into a small space appeal to you, you'll love this place, as you will if you find a stroll down London's Oxford Street bracing. Me? I'll be glad to get on the plane on Friday afternoon.

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