Easter in England

This year, for a change, we missed Semana Santa in the village. Instead we flew to England to attend the wedding of my nephew, Richard to Samantha. The wedding was held on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, at a barn complex in the Sussex village of Upwaltham. It was a wonderful day - the weather kept dry with frequent spells of sunshine, the bride looked beautiful as brides should, and the groom didn’t look too bad either. The proof is in the photo above. How the groom’s uncles looked, you must judge for yourselves from the other photo which also includes one of my two beautiful daughters. It was a time not jut for rejoicing but also for reunions and a reconciliation. There was also a tinge of sadness about the day. The sadness arose from the fact that Richard’s father, Peter, my youngest brother, died prematurely three years ago; a lovely touch - but one which prompted a sudden wave of grief when I saw it - was Samantha’s idea to have a photo of Peter on the Registrar’s table for the marriage and on the top table for the meal. Peter’s second wife had come over from her home in France, and she and his first wife (Richard’s mother) finally met and talked to each other. And my brother had flown back from his new job in Istanbul. All in all, and even though the temperatures hovered around 10º, a very good reason to miss Easter here in Frigiliana.

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