Better Late Than Never

I came late to painting. I was already in my forties when I began. In the quarter century since then I have never held an exhibition. However, late last year I was persuaded that I should take the plunge, and alongside three other artists I now have a three week exhibition in the village cultural centre, La Casa del Apero. Fifteen of my paintings are on show and last night we had the official opening, with wine and nibbles. My ego was well massaged during the two hours of the event, and I now feel quite proud and pleased. Just goes to show that it's never too late.......


  1. Bravo! I like this painting, above.

  2. My first Britanico boss was Miss Maruja Silva or MASILVIL, a lady who devouted her entire life to the world of TEFL. When she was about to retire, she took on painting lessons - just to kill her future free time. To cut this long story short, she became a famous artist, people like her work and she had expositions in the UK, US, Australia, Indonesia and some other countries. She passed away las November. Exitos Ian =)