Time Flies

Yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of our arrival to live permanently in Frigiliana in 2008. We began life here with a couple of weeks in a holiday apartment whilst we looked around for somewhere to rent until we could find the property we wanted to buy. Everything progressed very quickly really; we soon found just the place, although it needed quite a lot of work doing to make it the way we wanted it. We signed the necessary papers and handed over the money at the notary’s office on the 31st July, only to discover that nothing - and I do mean, nothing - happens in Andalucía during August, so we had a whole month to wander around our new home undisturbed by building work. September changed all that, however, work set off at a furious pace and by early November our new home was ready for us to move into. Shortly afterwards, being now connected to the internet, I began this blog.
Four years have passed remarkably quickly, but today our old life in the UK seems more remote than ever. We have encountered and assimilated, overcome or accepted the Spanish way of doing things and are totally settled in as ex-pat residents. A couple of weeks ago I was out on the Plaza de las Tres Culturas with local Partido Andalucista activists gathering signatures on a petition to the government in Madrid demanding a priority programme to address the horrendous level of unemployment in Andalucía, especially among young people. At the moment I am in the throes of preparing, with three friends, for a forthcoming exhibition of our paintings in the cultural centre in the village. It is my first exhibition, and so an exciting prospect.
Regrets? None that I can think of.

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