Spring Again.

The chill has gone out of the air. Now you can feel comfortable in the shade as well as in the sun. The sun itself is getting stronger. There are buds opening into leaf on my vines, and my chili seeds are beginning to germinate. And today I went out for a walk, something I have been telling myself I should do for a while now - I won’t be more specific. Up through the old part of the village and out into the country, then around in a largish circle to bring me back to the centre of the village from the ridge across the valley. Only about six kilometres, and it took me an hour and three quarters; on the other hand it did involve a total ascent (the route goes up and down a lot) of 200 metres. Sometimes, living in this village, you forget that everything goes up and down quite steeply. I was reminded yesterday by an acquaintance who was at the same lunch as we were. He had got off the bus a stop early and staggered through the door gasping for breath.
So winter is over. That’s good news for those working in the tourism sector, but not for those in agriculture as it means that the chances of any significant rainfall still to come are remote. Andalucía has just suffered its driest winter for seventy years. That, on top of all the economic problems, is going to create real problems.

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