The Festival Is Over

But what a festival! This is a new blog and so far has very few readers. Well then, I can share this with you. But please, this is strictly between ourselves, OK? I don´t want the village swamped next year. For four days (Thursday to Sunday) over the last weekend in August, the place to be is Frigiliana. That means actually staying in the village, because the best bits happen in the evening and at night. We had a tapas route with 12 bars each serving up a separate tapa. We had gastronomic days with a christian, a muslim and a jewish lunch. We had around 50 market stalls with food and crafts from all over Spain as well as local stalls. We had open-air concerts every night at 11pm, followed on two nights by open-air disco. Plus art exhibitions, workshops, seminars. Plus activities for the children. We went to three of the concerts by Klezmatica, by a Rajahstan gypsy group and by a leading collector of traditional folk music and dance, Eliseo Parra.
Soon I should have my own broadband connection up and running. Then I´ll post some photos.

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