The Eco-friendly Carwash

About 15 minutes along the coast is the town of La Herradurra. It has a drive through carwash, common in the UK, but rare over here. For three euros it shampoos and washes the car then waxes it and blows it dry.
Unfortunately, at this time of the year our weather comes from North Africa, and with it a lot of windborne dust and sand which gets all over the car. So a new trip to La Herradurra was called for (It´s just too hot to go out with a bucket and sponge.). Right now though we´re busy getting the house ready to move into, so it got left and then it got left a bit longer. Bad enough for someone to write "Limpiarme" (clean me) in the dust.
In the early hours of Wednesday morning I was awakened by a terrific clap of thunder, followed by the patter of rain, which just got heavier and heavier. It rained for about five hours. And when I went out at 9 o´clock, there was my shiny clean car sitting at the kerb waiting for me!
Now I have a newfound respect for procrastination.

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