Milk In The Bidet

The removal company completed their work yesterday morning and so in the afternoon we checked into the hotel for the remainder of our time in Spain. It's a large room with two large single beds but still lots of space. We have a large balcony facing west, so good for sitting out in the mornings and after sunset. It's too hot during the afternoon to use it with the sun on it, especially as yesterday the first heatwave of the year arrived. However the double glazed doors are super effective and the air conditioning is impressive. We are in the centre of things with everything we want within my restricted walking distance. Unfortunately the bar and restaurant are closed on  Wednesday and we have invited friends to drop by the bar next Wednesday evening for a farewell drink, so we have had to switch the venue and hope that an alert on Facebook reaches everyone directly or by sharing.
We had some cartons of juice in the fridge at home, along with a litre bottle of fresh milk. The only trouble is that there is no fridge or minibar in the room. A solution was swiftly found by my wife; fill the bidet with cold water and stand the milk in it!

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