There are many memories that I shall take with me when I leave Spain and in particular when I leave Andalucía, which despite being the largest Comunidad Autonoma and forming the basis for most foreigners' image of Spain, is only one part of the country. Galicia , El País Vasco and Cataluña for instance are very different culturally and gastronomically from the popular image.
Some memories, however, I can have close to hand thanks to You Tube - the wonderful female singers which Andalucía has produced. These clips below introduce you to my three favourites, all heavily influenced by the all-pervasive music of the south, flamenco, but presenting a much more accessible music. The only comparable female British singers who spring to mind are Barbara Dickson whose roots are in folk music, and Elkie Brooks who began her professional career in jazz, but moved far beyond it.
Anyway, enough of the musicology; have a listen to these three You Tube clips. I hope you enjoy them.

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  1. Hi Ian,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog since I discovered it a few years ago. It's been fantastic to have an insight into one of my favourite places (Frigiliana) in Spain. I wish you all the best but I'll miss your wonderful posts. Keep on blogging!