Funny Thing, Memory

This is the flat and empty time of year. All the half-term holidays are over and the holiday makers have departed. It's too early for people coming out for Christmas. On top of that, we have no more fiestas until the Day of the Constitution on December 6th. Several restaurants have closed, either for the winter or for a week or two so that a really thorough cleaning can take place - bottoming as they say in Lancashire. So there's nothing new to tell you.
At a loose end, I thought I would have a look at a previous blog. In 1993 I was appointed to be a magistrate, a duty I performed until late 2007 when I retired to come out here. The only trouble was that Google wouldn't take to anything earlier than April 2007. Eventually I decided to see if going to that date would let me then move further back through the blog, back to the beginning. Except that when I went back to April 7th 2007, it turned out that that was when I launched the blog, although memory had told me that I had blogged about being a magistrate for several years, so there was much less nostalgia fodder than I was looking for.
Anyway, if you're curious about how I filled my time before I found my sun bed in Spain, you can find the blog here:


  1. David Longbottom7 November 2016 at 17:46

    Yes, funny thing, memory, or more likely, loss of it! This post reminded me of my time as a moderator on the Magistrates' Association Forum. Perhaps that is where you were posting prior to 2007. Or was it on 'The Magistrates' Blog' run by Bystander? I think it was as I seem to remember your contributions there, before discovering much later that Living the Dream was not only connected but written by one and the same. Following a brief visit today, I see The Magistrates' Blog is still thriving, though now run by a team? Despite everything that has happened in recent years it is evident from the postings there that some things never change.

    1. I took my inspiration from Bystander, but actually blogged under the heading Three In Judgement until as you will have seen, I felt I was out of touch during what was quite a spate of changes. I then started this blog which a number of people have told me helps them to refresh their spirits when not here on holiday. A few even chose to move out here or to visit in response to what I wrote.