Something To Look Forward To

We are in England at the moment. Part of the time we are doing some child minding while Mum is away on a business trip to Mauritius. Then we shall be going north for a few days to the area where we lived before moving to Spain, some more time with the family and then a few days on the Isle of Wight before heading back to Frigiliana. We always enjoy these trips, but we've taken the opportunity to set up a big holiday while we're here. Another "trip of a lifetime", which makes three in all. Next year we celebrate fifty years of marriage and so we knew we had to do something special. Two sessions with Trailfinders, whom I cannot recommend highly enough, and we can now look forward to flying to Montreal in late spring and then making our way via Quebec City and Ottawa to Toronto by train. A few days in Toronto, and then we fly across to Calgary where we spend a couple of nights before picking up a hire car and driving to Banff, then Lake Louise - though we will actually stay at Lake Moraine - and to Jasper where we check in the car and board the Rocky Mountain Explorer train for a two day train journey with an overnight in Kamloops, through the Rockies and on down to Vancouver where we will spend a few more days before flying back. The cost of all that is unnerving, but as the northern saying has it, "There's no pockets in shrouds."


  1. Hi Ian,

    Sounds fantastic. Hope it's very late spring for the eastern Canada leg of the trip. I'm originally from the UK but have lived in Montreal for 35 years. Last April we were still in the minus 10 and lower temperatures, with snow on the ground!

  2. Got to agree with the above. Here in Alberta, it's not unknown for us to have snow fall in May.

    Pack clothes that you can layer. The weather is never constant in the Rockies!

  3. Thanks for the advice. We actually arrive in Montreal near the middle of June, so hopefully we'll miss the worst.

  4. Middle of June is usually hot and sunny. It can often go from temperatures in the minus teens to plus twenties in the space of a month. Long, cold snowy winters and not long enough, hot and sunny summers is the stuff of Montreal. Still 29 degrees as I write this on September 18th but mercifully cooler temperatures arriving on Sunday. Autumn is a beautiful time of year here. Just read your recent post. Sorry you had to cancel but under the circumstances, probably a wise decision. Your European trip sounds wonderful!