Almost The Last Day Of Campaigning.

Sunday we go to the polls and so Saturday is a day for reflecting ad deciding, assuming you haven't already decided. No campaigning is allowed after midnight tomorrow. We are only a small village even though we run our own affairs, around three and a half thousand inhabitants, nowhere near enough to have your own mayor and council in the UK.
The present mayor, or alcalde, held office with his party for twenty years, but has now retired and so we face the electorate with a new leader, but with the same committment to the continued economic. cultural, sporting and tourist development of the village.
I am linking to an election video that we have uploaded to youtube. Remember, 3,500 residents; this is what has been achieved on their behalf. Don't worry about understanding the words. The pictures tell the full story.

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  1. David Longbottom22 May 2015 at 11:57

    That is an amazing success story. I am currently on holiday in Mojacar and wish there was a similar story to tell, but things are improving slowly.. Good luck on Sunday