Breaking Old Habits and Forming New Ones

We are missing UK TV channels remarkably little. There are particular programmes, like Pointless and QI which I would like to be able to watch, but it would seem that we spent a lot of time watching programmes just because they were on. Now that they aren’t it’s actually no big deal. Which is not to say that we have entirely kicked the UK TV habit; we still have Sky News, one dose of which is quite sufficient in any single day, and it is possible that when the three new satellites are in place and settled down, we may be able to realign our dish to pick up their output. We ahall see. Meantime, my Spanish and moribund French are benefiting from the website i mentioned last time. And I have had an opportunity to pick up another of my interests which had been lying dormant. I am slowly building a comprehensive genealogical database for both my own and my wife’s families. Recently I have been burrowing into the available online information to fill out the details of my paternal grandfather’s siblings and their families. I had a very productive session yesterday. I don’t know whether my daughters will appreciate the news, but I have identified thirteen new third cousins for them.

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