Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy Some Earplugs?

When it rains heavily our street turns into a gushing torrent, with waterfalls cascading down the steps that lead to the main street. And heading in the other direction, the street climbs very steeply to join another road. The slope is surfaced with concrete which, over the years, has cracked, broken up and been patched up. It's not quite an outdoor climbing wall, but not far off!
Well, today the work begins to put all of this right, which of course involves bringing down a tracked vehicle with a jack hammer on the front to smash the existing surface before laying new drains that will carry rainwater underground for the entire length of the street, to properly resurface the slope and to construct steps down one side of the slope to make going up and down easier. All very welcome, but just at the moment, very noisy as well.

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