Hunt The Menu

I find myself with a dilemma. On the one hand, I don’t like to leave big gaps between postings, but on the other, neither do I like to write about nothing. This is probably the quietest time of year in the village. The summer peak is followed by the arrival of visitors who wait for the schools to go back. They, in turn, are followed by the half-term break people. After that it’s nothing much happening until people start arriving for the Christmas/New Year break. Which means that it is the time of year when bars and restaurants can close with least impact on their takings. So some close for holidays; others for a full clean and redecorate, and yet others for both. As a consequence in a village where there is a choice of forty bars and restaurants - impressive for a population of between three and four thousand - we are not sure where we will be able to eat this evening, though we have decided to eat out.


  1. Hi Ian, we arrive in Frigiliana on New Years Eve day. Do the restaurants open on New years eve and if so do I need to book in advance? I believe in Spain people tend to stay at home but I've also heard Frigiliana does celebrate the night in the square. Our favourite food is tapas. Any information would be really appreciated. Kind regards Lee

  2. Hi Lee, Many restaurants are open on New Year's Eve, but you would certainly need to book a table - and may, indeed be too late for some of them. If you go to Frigiliana in Tripadvisor, you will find a list and contact details for each, I believe.
    New Years' Eve in the square in front of the church is traditional, though these days there is also usually something planned on the Plaza de las Tres Cutluras, just down the road from the terminal bus stop. What kind of night it turns into at either venue very much depends on the weather. I remember a year not so long ago when we had to tear ourselves away at 3am as we had to go to the airport; I can remember another year when we were home before one, and putting the kettel on for a hot drink.
    Whatever, I wish you Feliz Año Nuevo!