A Day To Look Forward To

Back in January, on the Feast of San Sebastián, I blogged about a young man in the village, Pablo, who was born with severe cerebral palsy. His mother had heard of a new form of therapy which offered hope for improvement even though Pablo is now 15 years old. That fiesta became a major fund-raising opportunity in the village and enough money was raised for a visit to the clinic in the UK where he was able to receive treatment and where his mother was instructed in how to administer the exercises that would help him. The outcome was very encouraging; Pablo’s arms and legs are now much more relaxed than they used to be and his speech has also improved. However, there is still a long way to go, and more visits to the clinic will be necessary over the next year or so if he is to get the full benefit. With this in mind, we have an auction taking place this weekend. I have now received more than sixty lots, plus other items of low value which will be put up for sale on a 1€ table. The really good thing is that these items have come from the expat resident community here in Frigiliana, and it’s foreign residents that we are mainly expecting to come and bid. So not only do Pablo and his family benefit financially, but those of us who have come to live in the village (around one third of the population) get an opportunity to show our appreciation for the friendly welcome and acceptance that we have been shown by our Spanish neighbours.

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