Well it’s virtually the end of January and bang on cue the winter rain arrived yesterday. The day dawned grey and heavy with clouds; the rain started about eleven o’clock and carried on until late evening. The weather forecast on my iPod suggests we’ll have about four days of rain, on and off, although today’s hasn’t shown up yet. Then we should get a dry day or two, followed by several more days of rain, disappearing off the far end of the forecast. It remains to be seen what happens. The autumn rains finally turned out to be just two days of solid rain separated by several days, even though much more had been forecast.
Before we left Ramsbottom to live over here a neighbour asked me whether I wouldn’t get tired of all the sun. Heather, if you’re reading this, despite near unbroken sun since May of last year I have to tell you that I was still disappointed to see the rain streaming down the window yesterday.
On the other hand, if I lived at this altitude in the UK, I would have been shovelling snow this morning!

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