Double Whammy

This is not a good week for the Spanish economy. In truth, no week is a good week, but this week won’t help.This week we have not one, but two public holidays. Yesterday, December 6th, was the Day of the Constitution, commemorating the new, democratic constitution of 1978. Tomorrow, December 8th, is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a religious holiday, but a holiday nonetheless. Two days out of the working week at a time of economic difficulties doesn’t help, but that is only part of it. A great many Spaniards, looking at the calendar will conclude that if you have Tuesday off, there’s no point going into work on Monday. And if you’re having Thursday off, you might as well take Wednesday. And - yes, you’ve guessed - since by then it’s almost Saturday, going to work on Friday is pointless; this is the famous Spanish puente (bridge), though as Sur, the regional daily newspaper commented, this week is not so much a bridge as an aqueduct!


  1. Hi Payasoru (is that your real name?!)I've just found your blog and like it! We have an apartment in La Huerta and I too am an artist - but we probably haven't met because we only manage at most ten weeks a year in the village. You can check out my paintings on www.frigiliarte.net and I have one exhibited in the cultural centre at the moment (first on the left). Hope you like them and that we can meet up for a beer in 2012.

  2. Hi Andy, No Payasoru is a name I created when I lived in the UK and blogged about my work as a magistrate. I'm aware of your work from an exhibition you had here. Waiting to hear if a group of us have got a slot at Casa del Apero for an exhibition in 2012.

  3. Hi again - apols for delay - the google alert for your blog helped to remind me to look at it. I hope the exhibition goes well. It was a nightmare organising mine - the Casa tolds me that they wanted to postpone it three weeks before I was due to hold it and after I'd booked travel, printed posters, arranged for friends to come over etc. Thanks to Kevin at the Town Hall they relented but it was still like negotiating the Maastricht treaty to get in there. Quite amazing given that my paintings are exclusively of Frigiliana. I'm a little reluctant to put on another show after that and would prefer to sell my work through a local gallery or similar venue. But there isn't one (unless you're Danish!). Look forward to the blog on your show as and when it takes place - let me know in case I am in town.