Time To Dig In The Wardrobe?

Summery weather has stayed with us so far this year and I had hoped to see in November still wearing shorts and sandals, but yesterday the rains arrived. Light rain fell on and off all day, and the clouds took the temperature down. This morning heavy grey cloud is blanketing the sky and the forecast is for no more than 15 degrees - about the same as the UK - so, sadly, the shorts and sandals have gone away to be replaced by trousers, shoes and socks. The forecast is for rain on most days now for the next fortnight. Beyond that, who knows? Probably more rain, because this is the time of year when we expect it. If we're lucky it holds off until November, if not then it comes in October. However, we should get a good spell of bright, sunny weather for the winter, before the rain returns in February for another extended period. After that, it becomes more and more sporadic until by the end of May we are firmly back into the weather that gave the Costa del Sol its name and reputation.

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  1. A reader of this blog who has recently come to live in Frigiliana asked me yesterday evening where the waterfall in the photo can be found. I had to tell her that it is not permanent. From my front door, there are thirty two steps down to the main street. The photo was taken (from the dry safety of my doorway) of the top step at the height of yesterday's rain. Today it's just an ordinary flight of steps again.