The feria has gone. The romería is over.And spring now turns smoothly into summer. Cloudless skies, blazing sun and the annual influx of visitors who will hopefully provide the village shops, bars and restaurants with the level of income that they need at this time of the year if they are to survive the quiet winter months. To my wife and I the arrival of summer calls for a change to the daily routine. No more waking late, lounging in bed with a mug of coffee then on to a late breakfast. We wake around seven, breakfast by eight, and are out before nine to do whatever we have too. With maximum daytime (shade) temperatures now up into the mid-thirties, the aim is to be back indoors by eleven at the latest, to take refuge in the shade of drawn blinds and later, after a leisurely lunch to settle into that classic Spanish invention, the siesta. Later, a cup of tea - we are still English, after all - and then about seven we can venture up to the roof terrace for half an hour in the jacuzzi. And sometime after eight then maybe out for an evening stroll and a drink outside a bar before eating late.

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  1. Hi, just to say we paid our regular visit to Frigiliana last week in the beautiful sunshine and could not believe how difficult it was to find some where to park, we were aware at Christmas time that on the left hand side of the road they were placing lamp posts and that the car park had closed, but to find that you now can't park on the right hand side is amazing! we finally found a place at the other end of the village just before we gave up. After a lovely walk around we stopped for a cooling drink at Virtudes before strolling back to to our faraway car! Enjoy your summer and i'm looking forward to reading your blog.