Could Do better!

I was saddened to learn last night, whilst watching Panorama on UK television, that Britain is so far down the league when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, that only Malta and Luxembourg have a poorer record in the EU. By contrast, my electricity bill here in Spain shows that just over 40% of generation is from non-fossil sources (20.7% renewables; 19.7% nuclear). Of course, Spain has the benefit of copious amounts of sun to draw on, but it is also one of the leading countries in rolling out wind power, and as you drive across Spain it seems that everywhere that has the potential to capture the wind is either already doing so, or is well on the way. Despite the low rainfall, hydroelectricity is also an important part of the mix.
The photo has nothing to do with any of this really (unless you take into account the daily dose of solar required to get this lizard up and running); I just like the picture.

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