November Contrast

Just back from a week in England. We went over to celebrate our youngest daughter's 40th birthday, which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was also an opportunity to see our granddaughters who are noticeably more grown up (though still only 6 and 3) each time we see them.
The contrast between here and the UK was quite dramatic. At 9 am on the day we left for England, the temperature at Malaga Airport was 21 degrees. At 1.15 at Gatwick it was 12 degrees! We had a week of grey, cold and often wet weather. Then when we flew back, we landed at Malaga in the early evening to 24 degrees. And the weather has continued in that vein every day. I subscribe to Accuweather for online forecasts, and that suggests that although we will see increasing cloud over the next couple of weeks, there should be no rain and daytime maximum temperatures should not fall below 18 degrees.So no sign of winter yet.

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