The Season's Over....

Last Sunday the 3 Cultures Festival came to an end. Monday morning, the transformation was amazing. The stallholders mostly slept either in their vans or under the stalls, so when everyone went home, they set straight into packing up and headed out of the village in the small hours or the madrugada, as we call it here.
At the same time, being the end of August, all the holidaying Spanish and French set off for home and the start of work with September. Plus the Brits all left with their kids to get them ready for a new school year, and I guess the other nationalities did the same. So it's mainly just the resident population again. Bar owners, restaurateurs and shop keepers can all draw breath, although only because business now drops dramatically.
Only the weather remains in high-summer mood, though even that wobbled yesterday evening, and overnight we had the first rain since May (apart from a ten minute shower during the feria in June). Today is cloudy and cooler, but more humid.

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