A Magic Moment

Although we call it the hot tub, this time of year we use the jacuzzi very much as a cool tub. Which is what we were doing yesterday evening just before 8 o'clock, after a hot and sweaty day of rushing from one place to another to sort out finances for a new car. Lying back in the cool water, massaged by the jets and blowers was enjoyable enough in itself. But then I looked up. Circling not very far above us, lit up by the evening sun, was a Bonelli's eagle, just lazily rising on a thermal. It was there for probably two or three minutes, clearly visible, but gradually looking smaller as it rose higher. Eventually, it tilted its wings and glided off across the river valley and on into the sierra. Sadly, I don't have a photo of the eagle, but this shot shows the territory it headed back into.

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  1. View from the 'tub' looks pretty good to me!! Hope your car saga is sorted out to the best advantage!! love from us down under - now in our 70's !!!!Oh God!!!